Woody Moore, Founder of The Physician’s Advocate, and Molly Sandvig, Owner of MedCommerce Marketing, have partnered to form MedCommerce Networking, LLC. MedCommerce Networking will provide a forum for physicians to connect, exchange ideas, and work together with the goal of sharing news, best practices, and business recommendations.

MedCommerce Networking will host roundtable meetings and conferences focused on providing tools to business-minded healthcare practitioners which will allow them to respond to market pressures considering all angles – including for example, new practice models, concierge services, ancillary service opportunities, asset management, finance and marketing – all while continuing to focus on the best interests of the patients they treat. Attendees will also receive the latest legal and political updates specific to the practice of medicine in their particular marketplace.

MedCommerce Networking will connect with local and national thought leaders to provide its physician network with forward thinking observations on the future of private practice, projections on the political and practical future of healthcare in general, and will offer innovative solutions to current and future issues facing patients and physicians as they both seek out the best care possible.

It is anticipated that the MedCommerce physician network will include physicians from a variety of specialties, who are interested in learning about new business models, technologies, and other cutting edge ideas that will assist them in remaining independent medical professionals.

IMG_0443Woodrow Moore, Founder of The Physician’s Advocate is currently celebrating 20 years of independence in creating physician partnerships and operating physician-ventured healthcare services. He is the Founder of the Texas ASC Society, is an Advisory Board Member of Patient Choice Coalition of Texas and was just honored to be added to the Small Business Entrepreneurship Advocacy Committee in the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.

mollyMolly Sandvig, JD, Owner of MedCommerce Marketing, brings a depth of experience and a wide-range of contacts in the hospital, ambulatory surgery center, and private practice industries. Former Executive Director of Physician Hospitals of America (PHA), the trade association representing the interests of physician owned hospitals across the US, Sandvig is proficient in political advocacy efforts, fundraising, membership recruitment, public relations, and event planning. Molly has also acted as hospital General Counsel and been a sought after consultant to numerous for-profit healthcare ventures during her 15 year tenure in healthcare.