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Healthcare Project Management

The Benefits of a Virtual Company?

We Deploy Domain Experts vs Have A Company With Employees


Facility and Organization Turnkey Start Up
We provide direction and network resources to help our clients independently own and operate their surgical and medical facilities. Our niche? We seek NO equity and we seek NO management agreement.
Physician Partnership Development
If client seeks to develop a partnership we will facilitate creating that partnership with healthcare attorneys for the client.
Short Term Crisis, Interim or Transitional Management
Terminate your Administrator? Need an interim solution? Have a management situation you don’t know how to manage? We provide interim, short term solutions to help your facility or practice transition the go to the next level.
Legal Support
Don’t recognize when you need a healthcare attorney? Need a referral? Need support structure who will work with healthcare attorneys to develop and execute new strategies? Call us.
Clinical Regulatory Compliance
We have key State, Federal and Accreditation Agency relationships to help clients maneuver the intricate landscape of these agencies.
Our network of affiliates provides clients with multiple options for financing projects.
Revenue Cycle Management
Our network of affiliates provides clients with multiple options for managing their revenue cycle process.
Architect/General Contractor Selection and Construction Management
We know who to refer you to at the outset so your project is not fraught with costly change orders and flawed plans
Equipment/Supply Planning & Procurement
We manage the equipment/supply purchasing process driving value to client as we aggregate volume from our small facility clients.
Managed Care Strategies & Contract Negotiations
Our network of managed care contracting affiliates negotiate managed care contracts
Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media
Our network affiliates will manage the entire digital marketing campaign of our clients